Variety Pack: contains 1 pouch of each of our delicious recipes


The Variety Pack makes consistent early introduction simple and convenient

  • The Variety Pack, which most families choose to buy after using Pack 1 and Pack 2, includes 1 pouch of each allergen.
  • Keep using Inspired Start for as long as your little one is enjoying pouched foods!
  • Use code “FREESHIP” for free shipping on all orders

Variety Pack includes: 1 pouch of apple & peanut, 1 pouch of pear & egg, 1 pouch of banana & tree nut (a yummy blend of almond, cashew, walnut), 1 pouch of mango & soy, 1 pouch of apple & wheat, 1 pouch of pear & sesame, 1 pouch of banana & shrimp, and 1 pouch of mango & cod.

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