Pack 2: introduces wheat, sesame, shrimp, and cod (2 pouches of each)


Pack 2 makes early introduction of wheat, sesame, shrimp, and cod deliciously simple.

  • Includes everything you need to smartly introduce wheat, sesame, shrimp, and cod to your child!
  • Pack 2 includes two pouches of each allergen so that you can gradually introduce each allergen for at least two days before moving onto the next
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SKU: ADO-00409


Pack 2 Includes:

  • 2 pouches of Wheat & Apple
  • 2 pouches of Sesame & Pear
  • 2 pouches of Shrimp & Banana
  • 2 pouches of Cod & Mango

Just so you know, this box isn’t organic because organic certification hasn’t yet been expanded to fish and shellfish in the United States. Instead, we’ve made sure these ingredients are sustainably sourced, non-GMO, and all-natural. The Wheat & Apple Recipe and the Sesame & Pear recipe are both still certified organic.