Lynda Schneider, MD

Director, Boston Children’s Hospital Allergy Department

“Early allergen introduction is a natural part of incorporating new foods into an infant’s diet. I’m excited that Inspired Start is providing an easy way for parents to introduce peanut and other potentially allergenic foods.”

Tara McCarthy, MS, RDN, LDN

Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Boston Children’s Hospital

“As a mom and a dietitian who works in pediatrics, Inspired Start has the potential to help families navigate the introduction of highly allergenic foods and take the guessing and stress out of the meals so that feeding remains a pleasure!”

Lesley Solomon, MBA

Executive Director, Brigham and Women’s Innovation Hub

“When my son had a serious allergic reaction to milk at 6 years old, I learned first-hand how challenging and scary food allergies can be. Since then, I’ve committed myself to supporting new research in the area. I’ve been particularly interested in emerging evidence that supports early allergen introduction and am excited that Inspired Start will support parents as they introduce allergens.”

Cedric Hubeau, Ph.D

Director, Food Allergy Science Initiative at Broad Institute

“As a cell biologist and engineer, I’m always looking for ways to make scientific research accessible to the broader population. For more than 20 years, I have passionately tried to crack the code of chronic inflammatory disorders. I am enthusiastic about Inspired Start because it offers a bridge between new scientific research and practical application.”

Eyal Oren, MD

Director, Asthma and Allergy Affiliates

“As an Allergist, I see children with food allergies on a daily basis and am frustrated by the lack of tools and resources for families looking to do early introduction with a new infant. I like Inspired Start because it simplifies the process of early allergen introduction and makes it approachable and achievable for allergic and non-allergic families, alike.”

PK Newby, Sc.D., M.P.H, M.S

Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Harvard University

“Introducing a variety of foods early, and over time, allows little ones to develop a taste for healthy eats. I’m excited about Inspired Start because it can help assist busy parents build eating habits that set their children on the path for a lifetime of good nutrition.”

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Boston, MA

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