Bundle: Pack 1, Pack 2, and Variety Pack
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which pack is right for me?

both Pack 1 and Pack 2 contain two pouches of four different recipes. once you’ve introduced each of these delicious foods, the Variety Pack will help you keep them as a regular part of your baby’s diet.

what’s in each pouch?

each pouch contains an organic fruit puree and a small amount of just one allergen per pouch. we make baby’s first tastes of foods like peanut, tree nut, and shellfish deliciously simple so you can feel good about introducing allergens!

from Dr. Lynda Schneider, Allergist:
``Early allergen introduction is a natural part of incorporating new foods into an infant's diet. I'm excited that Inspired Start is providing an easy way for parents to introduce peanut and other potentially allergenic foods.``
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